Part digital agency, part consultants, part data scientists, all direct marketers–with our team you get the advantages of a big consulting firm with senior level expertise and varied client experiences, combined with boutique-firm nimbleness and Mid-South pricing. Our digital channel and relationship marketing expertise runs deep. We bring together specialists who share direct marketing DNA. This means we understand segmentation, data and measurement—keys to steering your strategic course cost-effectively as you take on new marketing technologies.

Beatrice Blatteis
Database Marketing Strategist, Chief Customer Evangelist

Beatrice has over 30 years’ experience providing services that support and enable breakthrough customer relationship performance through her consulting firm, Blatteis Communications. Her strategies focus on the intersection of direct marketing and marketing technologies, including: database marketing, lead nurturing, eLearning and omnichannel digital marketing. She focuses on putting the “customer relationship” back into marketing and prioritizing which shiny, new online channels, tactics and tech are central to that effort–and which are not. She helps ambitious marketers in small teams to align their current marketing technology, skills and resources to forge a path to growth and performance gains. Her secret sauce is “Customer Listening” with means to organize your database, reporting and communications capabilities to understand how effective marketing is in nurturing your customer relationships. Then, optimize continuously.

In addition to data-driven marketing program design, and optimizing emails with personalization and triggered drip campaigns—Beatrice provides management consulting for Marketing Automation and CRM strategy development, including project managing customer data development such as: marketing databases and segmentation.

She has delivered dramatic results for companies such as: Cisco Systems, eBay, Yamaha Motor Sports, BEA Systems and many more.

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Beatrice Blatteis


David Kreiger
Data Strategist

As a Data Strategist Leader, he has worked with major Fortune 500 companies such as Autozone and ServiceMaster for over 20 years driving revenue growth using the latest marketing technology tools for both online and offline marketing. Dave has extensive experience in direct and digital marketing solutions and helps companies to provide insight, analysis, and valuation of their customer data.

Today David applies his expertise and skill working with client data, through his firm MidAmerica Marketing Partners, in a number of verticals helping companies to use their Marketing Database more effectively. He helps them develop effective strategies to segment their customer data so they are better able to drive incremental revenue while reducing markdown expenses. Additionally, he provides direct marketing strategy in the areas of acquisition, retention and cross-sell.

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Dave Krieger


Jon Dodson
Digital Marketing Strategist

What if more visitors to your web site did what you wanted them to do?
What is the goal of your web site that you want more and more people doing?
What do you want visitors to your website to do more and more? This is your goal.
How will you measure that success to gain valuable insights for improvement and understand your ROI?

With 25 years of experience in the online and digital space, Jon has served Fortune 500 companies and the SMB market to answer these questions. His vast experience and knowledge in the digital space has allowed him to define and deliver measurable successes to his client through integrated marketing strategies that bring holistic, goal-driven success.  Using analytics Jon gives his clients highly valued reporting to understand their Return on Investment for the marketing dollars spent across their marketing channels.

Through his company, Vertical Studio, Jon and his team were selected in 2014 and 2015 by Google as “All-Star” search partners. Vertical Studio is a certified Hubspot partner delivering inbound marketing, and Google Analytics certified. Other valued digital marketing services delivered include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Content Marketing, Google Adwords (PPC), Retargeting & Remarketing, Social Media, Social Advertising Campaigns, Email Marketing, Triggered Email Series, A/B split-test, and multivariate testing.

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Jon Dodson


Scott Dodson
Chief Technology Officer

Architectural decisions made early on a project can often make or break the end result. Selecting the wrong approach or tools can easily cause failure. With over 30 years of experience, Scott has a comprehensive background in defining and executing system architectures and guiding companies through technical changes. He has experience working with a wide range of organizations, from small Silicon Valley start-ups to large enterprises such as the U.S. Navy, Fannie Mae, Federal Express and Hilton Hotels. 

By performing many roles, from hands-on programmer to software consultant, his understanding of programming, databases, web servers, commercial software packages, and development processes (including Agile) has enabled him to provide the best solutions for the business needs of his clients. Some of his other experience includes designing and developing AI systems and being an IT Director. 

Understanding the trade-offs between different technical solutions, and ensuring that those solutions meet all of the business requirements, is not enough. Scott is able to communicate effectively with technical and non-technical stakeholders alike, regardless of whether the project is big or small.

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Scott Dodson


Kerry Steward
Director of Marketing Operations

With almost 20 years’ experience in direct marketing, Kerry has expertise in several areas of Marketing Operations:

Her Print/production expertise has helped several companies lower their cost of printing and producing of direct mail materials by moving over to digital printing to lower obsolescence cost and by analyzing materials and negotiating the cost with print vendors. 

She has managed direct mail and email campaign management for several companies.  This includes data segmentation, building or strengthening existing campaign management tools and introducing customer relationship messaging to build a stronger rapport with existing customers. 

Her extensive knowledge of data analytics and has been applied using tools such as Excel, Cognos, Pentaho and SAP Business Objects as well as marketing automation platforms such as ActOn, HubSpot, MailChimp, and Zoho.

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Kerry Steward


Steve Borg
Direct Marketing List Expert

With 25+ years in the Direct Marketing industry, Steve has extensive knowledge and experience in providing quality list data for customers ranging from Fortune 500 firms, large agencies to local businesses and non-profits.

Steve founded BorgDirect Marketing in 2008 because he saw a real customer need for comprehensive list services coupled with responsiveness, experience and creativity. He focuses on providing customized B2b/B2c & Non-Profit list recommendations, campaign management/strategy, detailed data analysis with competitive pricing for high-quality email, postal or phone data. He has been previously recognized with the “List Broker of the Year’ award and clients appreciate his close attention to detail, creative recommendations, and innovative direct marketing solutions.

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Steve Borg


Our team is based in the Mid-South in Memphis with associates in the San Francisco Bay Area and Arkansas.