Sort through MarTech and Digital Transformation noise
to find the right priorities for you. Fast.




If you are like most Marketers today, whether B2B or B2C, you have enough to do. Besides orchestrating campaigns across multiple channels, you need to learn, keep up with—and lead—new and evolving digital transformation. You want ever more effective DemandGen, conversions, sales and ROI but there are many moving parts, among them:

  • Customer Experience and Journeys
  • Data-Driven limitations
  • Leveraging MarTech correctly
  • Selecting, influencing or fixing your MarTech Stack
  • Internal skill set and bandwidth considerations

Your marketing role increasingly requires technical skills around data, digital-channels and MarTech platforms and tools. Wouldn’t it be great to tap deep expertise and tech-help when you decide how to prioritize and move forward?

Get a clear vision of the highest-value steps to profitable Customer Centricity

Despite what vendors of the next great software silver-bullet tell you—new tools might not be the fastest route to greater ROI. What you focus on first depends on your company goals as well as your company’s current state with:

  • People
  • Process
  • Technology
  • Data & Reporting

There are short-term, pilot opportunities that can be achieved quickly—and long-term, infrastructure changes that are essential to your goals for personalization-relevance, measurement and insight.


The MarTech Team Customer Centricity Roadmap

Marketing priorities custom-tailored to your unique situation

How it Works

We meet with all Customer Relationship stakeholders onsite at your location for 2 days or via web conference over 4 half-days. Preparation on your part is minimal.

We’ll then compile your custom Customer Centricity Roadmap over the following 2-3 weeks. The CC Roadmap will contain a summary of your top challenges, ranking them for highest to lowest payoff, cost and effort. You’ll get 4-6 immediate, low-hanging-fruit recommendations, as well as a prioritized outline of the long-term projects necessary to enable your marketing goals.

Whether you work with us, your agency, or your internal teams to execute next steps, the CC Roadmap is a useful and holistic view of the priorities across people, process, data and technology that need to shift to reach your marketing goals.


For a limited Beta Clients* may qualify to pay almost 60% off the standard fee.

*How to qualify as a Beta Client: if you are a past client of, or are referred personally by, any of the MarTechTeam partners or are a non-profit organization you may qualify. Call your MarTechTeam contact directly to apply for the discounted rate or write to